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Flip book

Travel guides usually feature a lot of information about a city. They may talk about its history, where to sleep and eat, what to see and do… and usually always in text format. The challenge proposed by Serge Rompza was double: create one travel guide of two cities and do it in an innovative way. We had to work with Tokyo and Berlin, two cities that are very iconic and, at the same time, have almost nothing in common. How could we unite them in one guide in a way that was cohesive and made sense? Taking the German film “Run Lola, Run” as a reference, we based the concept of the guide on the story of two lovers, one from each city, that long to be reunited. How? Though a flip book where one side belongs to Berlin and the other to Tokyo. Each with one of the characters of the love story running towards the other through the streets of their city. Will they be able to reunite?

Hand with fingers painted white Hand with fingers painted white Hand with fingers painted white

Flip book from irati on Vimeo.